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Thaksin på väg tillbaka?


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Guest Isan Lover


Om det är folkets vilja vill säga, får se vad/om folket säger nått


Det enda man kan vara säker på är att folket borde få välja sina ledare och inte som nu militären och andra självutnämda ledare.

Sen om det blev Thaksin eller inte är ju frågan.

Mvh Isan Lover

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Dela på andra sajter

Ja, tänk om den dagen kunde komma när Thailändska folket SJÄLVA kunde välja sina ledare!

Bangkok post idag:

Thailand is probably the only country in the world where politicians openly buy votes, Election Commission (EC) chairman Apichart Sukhagganond said on Monday.

"After working as the EC chairman for the past three years, I know that vote buying is still common here, and I don't know when it will end," Mr Apichart said while oganising a democratic community gathering for reconciliation.

The EC chief said he had visited several countries to observe their election proceedings and Thailand could be the only country where politicians buy votes.

"Foreigners are astonished, because they think vote buying should be a thing of the past by now," he said.

He called on sides to help find ways to get good people as politicians and to bring good political governance to the country.

Writer: BangkokPost.com

Published: 28/09/2009 at 12:33 PM

I have a dream, that they some day will overcome

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Dela på andra sajter


Denna tråd är arkiverad och kan inte skrivas i.

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