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Swedish Man dies in ground floor toilet ....


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Tråkig nyhet...dödsorsak obekant!


Swedish Man dies in ground floor toilet of Jomtien Guest House.

On Wednesday Morning, Police Lieutenant Colonel Egadit from Dongtan Police Sub-Station based on Jomtien Beach was called to the Jai Yen Yen Guest House located in Soi 2 off Jomtien Beach Road to investigate a foreign fatality. At the location, the Investigating Officer was directed to the ground floor toilet where he inspected the body of Mr. Thorlief Evald aged 51 from Sweden. He had collapsed in the Toilet after arriving at the Guest House to eat a meal. The man arrived on a motorbike and was known to live in Soi Bongkot, Central Pattaya. For now, Police are unsure of the cause of death and will wait for the results of a post mortem examination before they continue with the case.

Vi har det iaf ganska bra!

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