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Polisen i Pattaya plockar in tiggare


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Uhmm...har för mig att jag läst om detta många gånger!

Provincial Police round up street beggars and vendors on Walking Street.




In the early hours of Tuesday Morning, Police Lieutenant Colonel Omsin, from the Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit, assisted by Chonburi Provincial Police conducted an operation on Walking Street, South Pattaya to round-up illegal street vendors and beggars, some of which were suspected of being illegal immigrants. The operation resulted in the arrest of 19 adults including 12 Cambodian Nationals who were found to have entered Thailand illegally and 17 children. The operation was organized in response to feedback from Tourists and local bar operators who endure hoards of street vendors on a daily basis. The Police were particularly interested in the young children who were being used by parents and guardians to beg on the streets. Officers will now monitor the children to ensure they are being treated in an acceptable manner and any cases of suspected child abuse will be dealt with.

Vi har det iaf ganska bra!

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Dela på andra sajter


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