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För han slutade det inte så bra...


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Ajaj, det var ju ingen höjdare!  :no:

Thai Woman bites into Belgium Man’s Penis following bust-up.


In the early hours of Thursday Morning, Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongrit from Pattaya Police Station was called to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital to speak with a Belgium Tourist who claimed that his girlfriend had attempted to bite off his penis. Mr. Eddy Van De Velde aged 56 from Belgium who seemed remarkably calm received a serious wound to his penis caused by a bite. The alleged attacker, his girlfriend of one month was apparently angry over accusations that Mr. Van De Velde was seeing other women and during love making she attacked him and then left his hotel room. We understand that the wound to his penis is serious but reparable and for now Mr. Van De Velde has yet to make a Police Report following the incident; however Police have taken full details of the case.



Vi har det iaf ganska bra!

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