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Svensk 51-åring död på hotel i Ubon


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En svensk 51-årig man har hittats död på ett hotell i centrala Ubon


Troligen självmord säger polisen


Swedish man found dead in central Ubon hotel - suicide, say police



A 51 year old Swedish man was found dead in a central Ubon hotel room yesterday.
Police said he had slashed his wrists with a razor.
Police had to break down the door of a room on the second floor of the hotel that was not named. Inside they found the dead man face up on the bed clothed in t-shirt and blue jeans.
He had cuts to both wrists and elbow areas of both arms.  In the bathroom there was a razor next to the toilet.
There was blood in the bathroom, on the bed and on the bedroom walls but there was no sign of a struggle.
Police said he had entered the room on Sunday but had not been seen since Wednesday morning.
The Swedish embassy has been contacted and they are trying to trace the man's relatives.
Source: Thairath

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