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4,000 Baht Fines (fel adress)


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When entering Thailand, we all have to fill in an arrival card. On this arrival card, we fill in several bits of info including name, passport number, D.O.B etc. We also fill in our address where we are planning to stay whilst in Thailand.

Should we wish to extend our stay in Thailand beyond our original Visa, we must do this using a visa service company, such as my friend Jimmy’s, Express Visa Direct, or take the annoying trip down to immigration ourselves, where we update our details.

Until now, I haven’t heard of any major problems regarding the information on these cards or any forms we fill out when extending our visa’s. However, word from Chon Buri Immigration is that they are now hitting people with a 4,000 Baht fine, for staying in the wrong address.

Several people have already been hit with the fine, and I dare say there will be a lot more to come. Not only that, but they are also fining people offering accommodation to foreigners who fail to report guests to them within 24 hours. This includes owners/managers of guest houses and hotels.

So basically, stay where you register guys, and if you move, don’t forget to update your details at Immigration.




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