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Planer för Utapao Airport, Pattaya


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Planer finns för att uppgradera flygplatsen för dig och mig och några till.  ;)

(Har inte sett detta på MPR tidigare)


Rear-Admiral Surapong Ayasanond, deputy director of Utapao Airport, explains proposed modifications to Mayor Itthipol Khunplome and city administrators.


Artikeln avslutas med: This is to be completed between 2010-2012.

Vi har det iaf ganska bra!

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Dela på andra sajter

Finns ju flera intressanta utbyggnadsplaner för Pattaya där:

City plans new monorail            Ariyawat Nuamsawat

Pattaya is once again looking to spend 3.6 billion baht on a  six-kilometer-long monorail over the heart of the city to ease road traffic  and improve public transportation for residents.

Mayor Itthipol Khunplome attended the meeting at city hall with relevant  officials and councilors to discuss the development of a monorail for the  future.

Based on his research, Dr. Vissanu Palayanont proposed a new transportation  plan aimed to solve the traffic problem, gain a better balance in the  environment and add value to properties in the city.

The proposal details a monorail project of some six kilometers starting from  the Dolphin roundabout, running down through Walking Street and ending at  Bali Hai Pier. This is to be built with a budget of 3.6 billion baht over  the next three years.

The mayor said Pattaya is a main tourist destination in the country  attracting six million visitors each year. The city ranks third in earning  income from tourism after Bangkok and Phuket but is the second most visited  city after the capital.

New convenient, cheap and safe transportation will bring more revenue to the  city and raise the quality of life of those living here, said the mayor.

Being nice is overrated - Garfield

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Dela på andra sajter

Samt planer på att göra strandremsan vid Pattaya Beachroad 50 m bredare.

Enl. artikel i senaste nr. Pattaya Mail.

Pensionärer suger - bunt ihop och slå ihjäl!

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Dela på andra sajter


Denna tråd är arkiverad och kan inte skrivas i.

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