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Tänk att sitta en lugn efter middag med en kall chang...Då det.....


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  Friday 27th February 2009 5 meter long Python found on the roof of a Beer Bar in Soi Boekeow.

Just before 4am on Friday Rescue Workers were called to the Kevin Beer Bar located in Soi Boekeow following the discovery of a snake. The arriving rescue workers were directed to the spot where the snake was seen and sure enough, the snake was spotted and after 1 hour, the brave workers managed to grab the 20kg, 5 meter long python which was shown off to the local media who arrived to cover the story. Khun Jaruan aged 42 is the manager of the Beer Bar and told us that she heard something on the roof which partially collapsed revealing the snake which rescue workers tell us most likely originated from a construction site behind the bar. The snake was taken to a local zoo who will care for the animal for the rest of its days.

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