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Nya regler för uppehållstillstånd i Storbritanien och Tyskland


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Nu aviserar Storbritanien och Tyskland språkkrav för partner-inflyttning.

Har för mig att Danmark har redan detta krav.

"Thai women who want to marry a German or British man and move to those countries will face a new hurdle from September.Under new rules imposed by those countries, they must have a basic command of English or German before their visa will be approved.

Under the UK regulation, all non-Europeans travelling to the UK to join their partner or marry must demonstrate a basic command of English.They will be required to pass tests to prove that their command of English is good enough to cope with everyday life before being granted a visa.

This applies to spouses, unmarried couples, same sex partners and fiancees.

The rule will take effect around September but the exact date has yet to be announced.

Germany has imposed a similar rule, which says non-EU national spouses may only join their partners if they are over 18 and can demonstrate a basic knowledge of German.

To help Thai citizens cope with the new language requirements, the Foreign Ministry, in collaboration with Khon Kaen University (KKU), will launch a pilot training programme for Thai women starting next Wednesday and running until Sept 30 at the university. At least 20 "students" are expected to take part.

Deputy director-general of the consular affairs department, Madurapochana Ittarong, said the number of Thai women from the Northeast marrying foreigners is rising every year.

Over the past few months, almost 2,000 people have shown their intention to marry foreigners, she said.

The figure prompted the ministry to come up with language training programmes, starting with a German class, to help these women apply for visas.

The course will cover knowledge of social and cultural life in Germany, language, family law, adjusting to change and building relationships, stress management, communications and internet usage, applying for part-time work, and financial management.

"The problems of Thai women marrying foreigners include a lack of [foreign] language skills, and unemployment, which can lead to family problems. When they get divorced, the women could then lose the custodial rights to their children," Ms Madurapochana said.

"If the women could speak a little German, they could work and might gain the right to take care of their children," she said.

Most Thai women also lack the local knowledge needed to help them gain access to state services, such as health benefits, she said.

More than 100,000 Thai women live in Germany, a fifth of whom have married Germans.

Dussadi Aryuwat, of KKU's humanities and social science faculty, who oversees the training programme, said participants would also learn skills such as Thai massage, Thai cooking, and how to care for children.

Cultural differences were also a challenge. For example, she said, Germans would not welcome visitors at home before 10am on a holiday, parents would not leave their child alone at home, and German husbands would not want to share expenses.

Lack of understanding of German culture has led to an increase in the number of Thai women divorcing their German husbands in recent years.

"If the women realise these things before going there, they will be able to stay happily," Ms Dussadi said.

Somjai Suktakua, 35, who is among 20 women who will attend the training programme, plans to marry a 62-year-old retired German, whom she met two years ago when she worked as a cashier in Pattaya.

They speak mostly in English. Ms Somjai said her husband-to-be wanted her to speak and read German before they married in Germany.

"Mostly, I will stay in Thailand [after the marriage], but if I can get a long-term visa, I might change my mind and stay in Germany instead," she said.

Paopirad Ravan, 40, who has been married to a German for five years, has also applied for the programme.

They run a fitness centre in Khon Kaen.

"I would like to talk to him in German after years of talking to him in English," she said.

Mrs Paopirad met her husband through a match-making service. She paid 150,000 baht for a trip to Germany to meet the man. She visits Germany three times a year.

"My expectation to join in this programme is to be able to speak German in case I have to live in the country. It could also help me find part-time work," she said."

Källa: Bangkok Post


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Dela på andra sajter

Det blir allt fler länder som inför språkkrav vid partnerinflyttning.

I Sverige finns infört i regelverket att parterna ska ha ett gemensamt språk för att UT ska beviljas.

Migrationsverket har höjt ribban när det gäller kravet på ett gemensamt språk vilket avslagen tydligt visar. Det blir vanligare att Migrationsverket avslår ansökningar på grund av att det saknas ett gemensamt språk.

Oftast börjar problemet med att tjejen under sin intervju hos ambassaden sagt att hon ibland har svårt att förstå vad hennes man säger eller att hon endast förstår lite av vad han säger ellet att hon får hjälp av någon kompis/släkting/lexikon att översätta vad han säger.

Det gäller för personer som ska intervjuas att inte tveka på frågan om hur de samtalar med varandra och om ni förstår varandra. Blanda inte in lexikon och kompisar(släktingar som översättare i familjesituationen när intervjun görs - det kan lätt misstolkas av Migrationsverket som ett tecken på att ni har problem med ert gemensamma språk.

Det handlar ju om att ni ska kunna prata och förstå varandra när ni har bildat en ny familj. Var Migrationsverket sätter gränsen är en bedömningsfråga från fall till fall.

Mvh Thaikonsult

http://www.thaikonsult.se hjälper till med ansökningshandlingar för visum, besöksförlängningar, uppehållstillstånd, arbetstillstånd, studietillstånd, medborgarskap, överklaganden och civilrättsliga ärenden. Thaikonsult är även registrerat ombud hos Migrationsverket.
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Dela på andra sajter


Denna tråd är arkiverad och kan inte skrivas i.

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