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Statsanställda ifrån Bangkok vill beslagta Taxfree varor i Nong Khai?

Guest Isan Lover

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Guest Isan Lover


Läste det här om ett par som förföljdes och stoppades i Nong Khai i sin bil efter att ha besökt Laos.

Personerna uppgav sig vara utsända ifrån Bangkok för att göra tillslag mot folk som smugglade med sig för mycket cigaretter

och alkohol.

Dom legitimerade sig men vägrade följa med till den lokala polisstationen för att ordna upp det hela.

Efter att ha förvissat sig om att dom misstänkta "smugglarna" inte gick in på polis stationen återvände dom till Friendship

Bridge, kanske för att invänta några nya offer.

Märkligt, kanske en ny turistfälla?

Mvh Isan Lover

Stopped by the government!

by lee on October 13, 2009, 6:34 pm

Yesterday my gf and I visited Laos and returned late this afternoon.

As usual we picked up a little duty free which included a bottle of Baileys, half a dozen bottles of beer and some food. As we arrived back in Thailand we made our way back to the truck and started our journey back to Udon via Tesco Lotus route. As we crossed the rail lines I noticed a pick truck up in my rear view mirror flashing its lights at me, it was driving erratically swerving from left to right. At first I thought it was an emergency vehicle trying to get past, so I moved over to the left. As I did the truck slowed beside me and starting waving at me to pull over.

The truck was a beat up Mitsubishi with no police or official markings and Bangkok number plates. Neither of the drivers were in uniform and there were no flashing lights. I was avoiding pulling over as they could be dangerous for all we knew so we just kept going. They passed us several times and swerved in front to try and stop us. In the end I waited until I was in a public area and not far from a police box to pull over. Two plain clothed men got out of their truck and walked over to my gf's side, I locked the doors and she wound down her window slightly to ask what the problem was. They said they wanted to check the car for alcohol and cigarettes. We were a little perplexed why they had pulled us over here rather than search our bags when we passed through immigration.

Gf was pretty smart and and asked for their ID's, they showed us some laminated cards from government in Bangkok. I've no idea if they were official or not, who knows? Anyway they said they were trying to crack down on people bringing over large quantities of cigarettes and alcohol for resale. We showed them we only had two small bags and opened every bag up to show that we were not hiding anything. They could plainly see we didn't have stashes of booze and cigarettes but went on to say that what we did have was too much to bring in to Thailand. 1 x 750ml Baileys and 5 small bottles of beer, is hardly over the top IMO. They also said we looked suspicious for not stopping immediately after being told to. We said that we had no way of knowing who it was asking us to pull over. So we told them if they had a problem with anything we would happily sort the matter out at the police station.

They were not very keen on that idea and after my girlfriend had lost her temper with them they decided to make tracks. We waited near the police station for several minutes but they wouldn't budge, they came over to us again and asked us if we had a problem and why we hadn't drove off. I told them I was using the phone before I drove away. This time they made tracks, and did a U-turn back to the friendship bridge area. I have a feeling they were making sure we didn't go to the police.

So what's this all about? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do members of the government have the power to request people to pull over and do searches on private vehicles? I thought something involving duty free goods would be a job for the Thai immigration police or federal police. Maybe they were trying to intimidate us into handing over cash. They were probably following us from where we parked the car and waited until we were out of view to pull us over. Anyway whatever it was it didn't feel right so this is just a heads up for members returning from Nong Khai after visiting Laos.



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