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    Brand ombord på Koh-Chang-färja

    Av Tallviking
    En brand bröt ut i maskinrummet på en av Koh Chang-färjorna
    Färjan låg i hamn vid tillfället
    Fire breaks out in Koh Chang ferry engine room
    A fire broke out in the engine room of a Koh Chang ferry late Wednesday night while it was docked at a pier in Trat’s Laem Ngob district. Police said no one was injured. 
    The fire broke out at 10.30pm as workers were fixing the platform to park vehicles inside the ferry.
    Four fire engines took about an hour to put out the blaze.
    Workers said they heard a loud noise before they saw smoke coming from the engine room.
    The ferry was the last to leave Koh Change on Wednesday. It arrived at the pier at Ao Thammachart at 7.30pm.
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    Taxi-bilar får kameror och GPS för ökad säkerhet

    Av Tallviking
    Nu skall 80.000 taxi-bilar i Thailand utrustas med säkerhetskameror och gps för att öka säkerheten vid färd med taxi
    Security camera and GPS regulation to make taxi travel safer

    A Department of Land Transport (DLT) ministerial draft regulation will lead to the installation of GPS, security cameras and other devices in at least 80,000 cabs under the “Taxi OK and Taxi VIP” concept designed to increase both driver and passenger safety.
    National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) deputy spokeswoman Col Sirichan Ngathong said that the 5th Administrative Reform Steering Commission’s meeting on Wednesday tabled the “Taxi OK and Taxi VIP” project to regulate the public transport system. The project is a collaboration between the DLT, the Cooperative Promotion Department and the Royal Thai Army's 11th Military Circle.
    The commission, headed by Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, concluded that the DLT would issue and enforce a regulation to require taxis under the “Taxi OK and Taxi VIP” project and newly registered cabs to carry a GPS, a driver identification card reader, a wide-angle camera within the cab and an emergency button.

    Sirichan said that, if the draft law passed the Council of State’s current consideration, it would be implemented as a ministerial regulation by September.
    At least 80,000 taxis would meet these standards, and the equipment requirement would give the Thai public an alternative with an edge in fare-cheating prevention and passenger safety. These taxis would be an option for people to use beside the conventional taxis and those hailed via taxi service applications.
    She said the new system would be operated by the taxi co-operatives, which would be supervised by the state agency.
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    Phuket skall bli första korruptionsfria provinsen?

    Av Tallviking
    Guvernören i Phuket har nu gått ut med att Phuket skall bli den första korruptionsfria provinsen i Thailand
    Vore ju verkligen bra om man lyckas med detta för dom har väldigt stora problem med just korruption där
    Undrar hur realistiskt det är dock att lyckas?
    Det kanske kan sporra andra provinser att ta upp en tävling i vem som lyckas bäst !
    Phuket Vows to Become Thailand’s 1st Corruption-Free Province

    PHUKET — The governor of a popular island in the Andaman Sea promised to make it Thailand’s first province to end corruption after he signed an agreement with anti-corruption officials Tuesday.
    Phuket Gov. Norraphat Plodthong signed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission – which operates under the Ministry of Justice – by which he agreed to implement policies to tackle corrupt practices in the island.
    Prayong Preeyachitt, secretary-general of the commission, said Phuket aims to take action to lower the risk of bribery and corruption.
    In February, the Anti-Corruption Organization published an article about corruption on Phuket which its secretary-general, Mana Nimitmongkol, discussed bribery on the island and said some foreign businessmen faced problems obtaining licenses. Mana said the businessmen resorted to bribing authorities due to the sluggishness of the process and incompetence of the officials.
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    Spårvagnar i Pattaya ?

    Av Tallviking
    Det ryktas om att dom planerar 2 spårvagsnlinjer i Pattaya
    Twenty billion baht tram projects set to transform Pattaya!

    Pattaya: -- Two tram lines are "coming for sure" and are set to transform Pattaya, said a watchdog group on Facebook.
    Pattaya Watchdog posted a map of the Red and Blue lines that will go in loops around the beach and roads behind respectively.
    Phase 1 is the Red Line for which there is a budget of 8 billion baht for a planned 8 kilometer loop. This will go from North Pattaya along the beach and back again on Sai 2 road.
    The other project is the Blue Line that will share some track in North Pattaya before traversing a more inland route.
    The watchdog group said there was still some confusion as to the exact route the Blue Line it might take as the projects are still in the planning stage. The Blue Line is set to be built later with a 12 billion baht budget.
    A total of 103 million baht is being spent on "design" for the two lines.
    The existing roads will be used for the trams after earlier ideas for an above ground project were rejected, said the watchdog.
    A "switch station" to connect the two lines will be constructed in North Pattaya enabling transfers from one to the other.
    Parking will be available in a lot at the start of the route.
    The group said that the tram was the most eagerly anticipated addition to Pattaya in a swathe of infrastructure plans for the resort that include improvements to the Bali Hai and Koh Larn ports, roads to Rayong and Sattahip and drainage within the city.
    They said that the tram was still in the planning stage but was coming for sure.
    Source: Pattaya Watchdog Group
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    Bomb på sjukhus i Bangkok

    Av Tallviking
    Evidence of bomb attack: King Mongkut hospital explosion

    Confusion following explosion at King Mongkut Hospital this morning (Source: Post Today).
    Explosion in part of hospital for retired civil servants. Remnants of wire and battery found at explosion site.

    In this morning's explosion at King Mongkut Hospital (Phramongkutklao Hospital) in Bangkok police now say there is evidence that the explosion was a bomb attack.

    The evidence was said to include remnants of a battery and electrical wires.

    The alleged bomb attack marked the third anniversary of the coup that brought the current military government in Thailand to power.

    The explosion took place around 11am Monday morning in a reception room for retired civil servants in which over 20 people were injured.
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    Förslag om att inordna polisen under Justitiedep.

    Av Tallviking
    National Legislative Assembly (NLA) och the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) har presenterat ett förslag, backat av många organisationer, om hur polisen kan inordnas under Justitiedepartementet utan större omorganisationer
    Organisationerna krävde dock att polisen reformeras ordentligt och där ingick bl.a att förhör inte skall hållas av polisen själva utan av en annan organisation
    11 organisations call for "true" police reforms

    Eleven people's organisations on Sunday issued a joint statement opposing a proposal to bring the Royal Thai Police (RTP) under the control of the Justice Ministry without undergoing concrete structural reforms.
    The proposal was made by a joint special sub-committee of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA), chaired by Pol Lt Col Bunruang Phonphanit.
    Pol Lt Col Bunruang said at a news conference last week that the main purpose of bringing the RTP under the jurisdiction of the Justice Ministry was to ensure improved integration and cooperation among the various branches of the judicial system.
    He said the proposal was to be forwarded to a tripartite committee with members from the cabinet, the NLA and the NRSA for approval before it goes to the cabinet for endorsement.
    Included in the proposal were new qualification requirements for future RTP chiefs and an increase in police salaries to a level considered sufficient for them to support their families and boost morale.
    The 11 organisations -- which included the People's Network for Police Reforms (PoliceWatch), the Cross Cultural Foundation, the Human Rights and Development Foundation, the Union for Civil Liberty, the Committee of Relatives of May 1992 Heroes, the Friends of Women Foundation, the Campaign Committee for Human Rights and the Campaign for Popular Democracy -- issued a statement saying that the proposal should not be approved without the inclusion of measures to reform the police agency.
    In the statement, the organisations said they did not want the RTP, with over 220,000 police under its command, to continue to exist and operate in its present form, which they said had caused trouble to the people for the past several decades.
    The police reforms must concentrate on concrete structural changes to ensure justice for the people, they said, not on the qualifications of future RTP chiefs or an increase in police salaries.
    The increase in police salaries would not be a guarantee that senior police officers would not be corrupt or act as "villains in uniforms", said the statement.
    The organisations called for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to respond quickly to a resolution passed by the NLA for nine police units to be transferred to other ministries, based on their responsibilities.
    They called for interrogation work to be taken away from the RTP to ensure justice in crime investigations, and for public prosecutors to handle the interrogations of cases which carry a jail term of more than 10 years.
    They argued that there should be rooms especially designed for interrogation, equipped with audio-visual devices to record the questioning sessions, which could be called up for review as needed.
    The statement said that it would not make any difference whether the RTP was under the Justice Ministry, the Interior Ministry or the prime minister as long as the agency had not undergone true structural reforms, particulary the transfer of interrogation work from the police to another agency.
    There would be no real reform if a police officer was allowed to sit as chairman or as a member of a committee working on police reforms, the statement said.
    The organisations said in the statement that after three years of waiting, the government installed by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) had not made any progress regarding police reforms -- leaving a majority of the Thai people to continue living in fear of maltreatment by people in uniforms.
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    Bombdåd i Bangkok!

    Guest Isan Lover
    Av Guest Isan Lover
    Ett bombdåd inträffade i Bangkok vid Sanam Luang, två kvinnor fick lindriga skador vid explosionen.

    Myndigheterna har skärpt säkerheten och förväntar sig en ökad risk för sånt här nu inför Militärjuntans firande av sitt treårs jubileum av kuppen och diktaturen som snart ska gå av stapeln.
    City bomb blast startles NCPO
    Govt wary of unrest before anniversary
    17 May 2017 at 04:00

    Bangkok police chief Sanit Mahathavorn, holding the PVC 'explosive' at the scene of the small blast, said Monday it was no bomb. He changed his mind after the top security chief, Deputy Prime Minister  Prawit Wongsuwon, said that it was an explosive. (Photo by Apichart Jinakul) 
    Mvh isan lover
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    Inget körkort = beslagtagen MC

    Av Tallviking
    Polisen i Bangkok kommer nu bli mycket hårdare mot motorcyklister som bryter mot lagen
    Har du inte körkort eller försäkring beslagtas MC:n
    Kör du åt fel håll kostar det 500 baht
    Kör du på trottoaren kostar det 400-1000 baht
    Kör du utan hjälm kostar det 500 baht
    Bangkok motorcyclists beware! - no license and cops will take your bike!

    Bangkok: -- Bangkok police have said that from next week motorcyclists riding without a license and insurance will have their bikes taken away, albeit temporarily.
    The announcement comes after a ministerial level meeting was held Tuesday in which orders were issued to get tough with the illegal activity of motorcyclists, reported Thai Rath.
    Those who drive the wrong way, drive on the sidewalk and break the speed limit can also expect to be fined between 500 and a 1,000 baht.
    Announcing the news Withaya Prayongphan of the met police said that he had instructed all 88 metropolitan police stations to get tough after orders from national police chief Jakrathip Chaijinda came following a ministerial level meeting about traffic and road accidents on Tuesday.
    He said that statistics gathered at Songkran showed that 30-40% of motorcyclists involved in accidents had no license or insurance.
    He was referring to the Phor Ror Bor insurance that costs bikers about 600 baht annually for cover. Licenses cannot be renewed unless this has been paid up front.
    Withaya said that confiscation of vehicles would be temporary.
    Fines for other illegal driving offences would be as follows:
    Driving in the wrong direction: 500 baht.
    Driving on the footpath: 400 to 1,000 baht
    Not wearing a helmet: 500 baht.
    Source: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/938617
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    Avgifter tas bort på 5 flygplatser

    Av Tallviking
    AOT (Airports of Thailand) tar bort start och landningsavgifter på 5 flygplatser i Thailand från i juni och 5 år framåt för att få till fler flygförbindelser
    Flygplatserna som omfattas är Nakhon Ratchasima Airport, Pattani Airport, Tak Airport, Mae Sariang Airport in Mae Hong Son och Petchabun Airport
    Fees for airlines to be lifted at 5 airports
    Bangkok, 9 May 2017 (NNT) – The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) is seeking to encourage airlines to open more routes by waiving airport fees at 5 terminals starting this June 1. 

    CAAT Director Chula Sukmanop disclosed after a meeting that included Minister of Transport Akhom Termpittayapaisit that CAAT will now be suspending landing and take-off fees for commercial airlines at 5 airports, namely; Nakhon Ratchasima Airport, Pattani Airport, Tak Airport, Mae Sariang Airport in Mae Hong Son and Petchabun Airport. The suspension will begin this June and be in place for 5 years after a Ministry of Transport announcement later this month. 

    Chula explained the waiver is to entice airlines to set up routes to the 5 destinations as very few currently travel to the locations. He said he hoped to see more regional connections in the near future. 

    On progress in AOC Re-Certification for commercial airlines, Bangkok Airways and Thai AirAsia have already received re-certification and Thai Airway is set to become the third of a total 24 still pending. CAAT is working to have at least 9 re-certified before an evaluation by the International Civil Aviation Organization.
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    Svensk gripen efter bombskämt på flyg

    Av Juha
    En svensk man greps på en flygplats i Bangkok efter att han hotat med en bomb.
    Mannen ska dock bara ha skämtat, skriver Bangkok Post.
    140 passagerare fick lämna flygplanet medan det genomsöktes.
    Den svenske mannen skulle resa från Bangkok till Koh Samui då han ska ha sagt att han hade en bomb. Piloten tog hotet på allvar.
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    Ännu en kobra på en toalett.

    Guest Isan Lover
    Av Guest Isan Lover
    Ännu en gång fann en toalettbesökare en kobra i toalettstolen, måste vara en chockartad upplevelse, det gäller nog att se vad som finns där i innan man slår sig ned.
    Woman finds huge SNAKE in water when going to the toilet 
    A WOMAN got the shock of her life when she discovered a huge deadly cobra when she went to the toilet.
    By Peter Truman / Published 30th April 2017

    It was a mighty shock for Tanyarat Youngsook when she went into the toilet in her parents’ home in Tambon Pan Thong, Thailand.
    The water appeared murky and as she flushed, the head of the venomous reptile appeared through the surface of the water and stared at her.
    M h isan lover
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    Svensk misstänks ha vållat sin flickväns död

    Av Knasen
    En svensk man i 30-årsåldern åtalas i Thailand för att ha vållat sin flickväns död.
    Hon föll ut från balkongen på åttonde våningen och avled senare på sjukhus, skriver thailändska tidningar.
    Det var i tisdags kväll som flickvännen till en svensk man från norra Sverige dog i turistorten Pattaya i Thailand.
    På torsdagen åtalades mannen i 30-årsåldern för vållande till annans död, eller "fatal recklessness", skriver flera thailändska tidningar.
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